Media Production

Lee media Associates’ editorial services include:

Writing and Editing

We write and edit news releases, speeches and other editorial and publicity material. News releases are distributed in email and hard copy format to a wide range of traditional media such as major newspapers, news agencies, radio and television stations and online news services using really simple syndication (RSS) feeds from our web site.

Our customers may use our online voice recorder to do sound clips which are linked to news releases and available for listening and download from our online studio.


We distribute photos with releases and can arrange to have them taken as a value added part of our normal services. The pictures are available for free media access in our online library.


All our news releases are prepared in English. They may be translated into French or Spanish as an added service.


We offer research services to collect data, primarily through online surveys. These may be by invitation or open to the general public.

Radio and Television Production

We can produce broadcast quality radio and television material for public transmission or training needs.

Web and New media Development

A professional online presence is a requirement for all businesses.  Our recommended platform is WordPress for the basic Web site that radiates into the social media network.

We build and maintain your site in ways that do not break your operating budget.

Planning and Strategy Development

In addition to developing media products such as written and audio news releases, we also create strategies and plans to help create targeted messages with measurable impacts.