Twenty-first Century activities need 21st Century communication methods and channels. That is why we created Lee Media Associates: so that we can work with partners who need clear messages created and distributed via the correct channels to reach the people with whom you want to communicate.

Our Services

Our expertise determines the types of services we offer. Tourism and cultural industries, the environment, petroleum and power, and government relations are some of our prime capabilities. We also provide in-service courses for media houses and communications skills training for organizations.

The Internet has given us great international reach. Most of our print, audio and Web-based services as well as communication and media training sessions are available online through our collaborative virtual back office and our learning management system.

Access to our online services are available through subscriptions for a month, three months or a year at a time.

Media Services



Lee Media Associates, operating in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) City of Mississauga, provides corporate media and communication services.

Founder Mark Lee, worked in newspaper, radio, television and news agency journalism before venturing into the world of corporate communication and public relations.

He has implemented communication strategies in tourism and the environment coupled with experience in energy, regional cooperation and sustainable livelihoods.

Our partners and associates in Canada and the Caribbean have years of experience in producing for print, radio, television and the Internet; academic editing and delivering communication training.

This vast experience is brought to bear in our work of writing, editing and producing all types of traditional and new media .

We also provide public relations planning and event management services.



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